Thursday, July 10, 2008

I Can Hear the Bells

In preparation for The Big Move, I took my cat, Natasha, down to Grand Junction about a week beforehand. Having moved with a cat before, I knew it would be a LOT easier on all of us if she wasn't there.

I missed having her around, though. She's good company. I was glad, then, when my parents brought her up with them last weekend. Now I get to hear that little jingle-jingle trotting through the house, looking for a scratching.

She's looking particularly fetching these days, too. While in Junction, I decided it was about time for her annual shaving. So, in keeping with tradition, here are her before and after shots:


Oh, the fluffiness!

And after

Now, despite her expression in this picture, she actually loves having her fur shaved. She's so much cooler for the hot season that she's a much happier kitty. Plus, less furballs.

The place I took her to this time would not shave her below her hocks, which makes her appear to be wearing go-go boots (yes, Emma, I think of you when I type that). They did, however, shave her tail, as seen here:

My parents keep calling her Rizzo.

P.S. A big shout out to those of you who have recently joined my blog readership and were nice enough to post comments! Specifically:

- It's great to hear from you, Shauna! Personally, I keep up on all of your adventures through Emily.

- Ben: Damn right we did! And at least you won't have to worry about the discomfort of wearing earring and getting your hair tangled in the headset. There are advantages to being bald.

- Courtney, Mary, and Keary: Aw, your comments just make me miss you guys and our drama class. I'm glad you had as much fun as I did teaching you and thank you for giving me such encouragement!

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  1. hey, what are old drama students for?? giving you love and encouragement.
    i really did enjoy, no... love having you as my drama teacher for two years.
    hope that everything works out in the new school, even thought it has gotten off to a rotten start.
    the kids will absolutely love you!