Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Show Goes On

Oh. My. Heck.

I checked my email this morning and found a message that promptly and thoroughly made my freakin' day:

Dear Heidi and Amanda,
Thank you for your submission to Wasatch Theatre Company’s 8th annual Page-to-Stage Festival. We received many scripts this year and have selected six for production and three for staged readings. We are pleased to announce that your script has been selected for a staged reading.


I haven't talked much (at all?) about this project on my blog. I'm at school at the moment and should be grading papers, so I'll have to save the longer story for another day.

Short version:
We wrote a play both for the people who know what it means to be a teacher and for the people who think they know what it means to be a teacher. That took, oh, about two years.

Then, we performed a staged reading of it for a few invited guests about a year ago.

In May of this year, we found out about the Page-to-Stage Festival and, in a fit of madness, we revised and submitted our script.

Then, I got kinda busy what with the whole end-of-school-year-move-to-Denver-buy-a-home-start-new-job-ness that was the last three months. Occasionally I would wonder what happened to our submission, but it had been so long I figured we didn't make it.

Then, the arrival of the email of validation and self-confidence! Hurrah!

So. If I can figure out how to, I'm totally going to fly to SLC for the reading. How can I miss that?! I'll post a reminder here, because you're all invited (Do you hear me, DPJH-alums?!).

More information from the email:
This year, the Page-to-Stage Festival (a co-production with the Utah Association of Community Theatres) will include the production of a full-length original play (Breaking the Shakespeare Code), the production of six short scripts from local playwrights, and several staged readings and workshops. The festival will open Thursday, September 11th and will run Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays through September 27th and will take place in the Studio Theatre at the Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts (138 West 300 South).

Your staged reading is scheduled for Saturday, September 20th at 5:00 p.m. in the Studio Theatre. This event is free to the public. The purpose of the staged reading is twofold. It will give you a chance to hear (and see) your piece as interpreted by others and it will be an opportunity to receive feedback from those in the audience. Feel free to invite friends to the event.

Okay, back to being a teacher.



  1. How exciting!
    I'll definitely be attending.

  2. Yeah for you, Blogging Queen! I look away for a few days and suddenly I have missed a life's worth of blogging! You absolutely deserve some pats on the back and air fives ( visualize one from me)! Good luck with carrying on under less than favorable circumstances and just remember that you no longer have to refer to yourself as a Utah resident! Muy bien con su Espanol! Ahora nosotros podemos vivir en Espana en 50 anos!

  3. That is so awesome! I deffinetly will try to be there. It osunds like a lot of fun and congrats!

  4. Congrats, this is so exciting! And it probably meant a great day at DPMS!! BTW, the musical has not been picked yet for DPJH but will most likely be The Wizard of Oz. Not so excited about that one! But I'm looking forward to Sept. 20th!

  5. Waterhouse!!!
    That is so cool!! I will be there!........hopefully! *laugh* Emily and I will have to recruit some of our DPJH fellas for you.