Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Birthday

Yup, I'm 29!

I don't feel 28, nor do I feel 30; but prime-numbered ages always feel a bit off to me.

My real celebrations happened Friday and Saturday, which I will post more about later. For the actual day, today, I had delicious waffles made by my mom, then a 4.5 hour car drive from GJ to Denver with Nash, and now I'm trying to get through a towering stack of papers so I can go to bed. Today, not so fun. The rest of the week? Awesome.

An off-the-cuff list of some things I did while I was 28:

- Traveled to:
  • Portland,
  • New Orleans,
  • Grand Junction (6 times),
  • San Francisco,
  • New York City,
  • Denver (twice),
  • Boise, and
  • San Diego
    (hmm.. nowhere foreign this year...)
- Moved to a new state
- Bought a home
- Got a new job
- Produced 3 plays and at least 6 other shows
- Became an official playwright
- Discovered an insatiable desire for Rock Band
- Read over 100 books
- Watched over 50 productions/movies
- Studied fencing
- Began studying Spanish
- Posted 109 entries on this blog

Not too bad, if I say so myself! But I can beat that this year, just you wait and see!

Here, just for fun, is a now-and-then picture
(but please ignore the messy car-ride-grading-papers hair):

29 years. Can you believe it?


  1. HAPPY BURFDAY WATERHOUSE!!! 29?! wow! you're still younger than my oldest sister if it makes you feel any better

  2. Happy birthday! I do have a present for you, FYI.

  3. Happy Birthday Manda! I am so sorry that we didn't cross paths this weekend but I am glad that you had a good trip. Best of luck with the new year! We better live it up while we can still claim the innocence of youth as an excuse for what may be viewed as 'less-than-adult" behavior!

  4. I can't believe I didn't write to say it sooner - Happy Birthday!! You sure did a whole lot more with your last year than I did with mine. Anywhere foreign this year?

  5. I feel bad for not writing earlier. Happy birthday! I can't believe you're really 29. You look younger than that. Not that 29 is old. (And it's not sucking up now, since you're no longer my teacher, bwahaha.)