Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bless This School

Fresh from the hands of two eighth-grade girls, I give you
Confiscated Theater
(So very [sic])

Foo sum's wrong wid Ryan... :( he's not tha same no more & I was in tha process of falling 4 hem... :(

wait why what happened hun?

nun like he don't talk 2 meh he dont do nun w/ me no more... it's pissing me of! :(

well talk to him and ask him what is wrong. Maybeh he is just gong through something right now its not like him to act that way so i bet its nothing really.

ugh idk! he doesn't like do ANYTHING wit me now... I knew I shouldn't have fallen 4 hem... :( <3>

Id like I said talk to him fu! lol or do you want meh 2? and yeah you shouldn't have but you did cuz yur heart did woo that was deep.. Jaja but yeah I said I wasn't gonna fall 4 Paypay but I did... maybe kuz I did him i don know

nah I will but like :(
ugh! I felt like s*** at lunch he didn't even look at meh! :l
Why duz he gotta pull this s*** now?! :( grrr!!


Shortly after I took this note, we were moving desks back into place when one of the soccer boys stood up, pulled a bottle of punch out of his backpack, and poured the bottle of punch over his head.

Maybe it was a nonviolent protest against standardized testing?

At least his mom had a strong enough talk with him last night that he came right up to me this morning and apologized for it. Which was both rare and nice.

Also, my testing group that morning finished their exam with over 30 minutes to go. I couldn't let them leave the room since other classes were still going, and their talking noise level quickly escalated. I did the best thing I could think of on the spot to get them quiet - I hooked up the projector and started playing whatever G-rated clips I could think of online. While we were watching some of the promotional shorts for Pixar's next film, the students noticed a resemblance:

He even sounds like the kid, too!

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