Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hold a March

While I was folding laundry tonight, thinking about how crazy-busy my life has become, it occurred to me that perhaps it's not me - maybe it's March. Maybe I am subconsciously filling my life to the brim because it's the time of year for a total lack of time. Usually it's a musical that's consuming my life. And so, since I do not have a musical to be tearing my hair out over (or making last-minute lutes from scratch), I have instead allowed myself to be filled with school and job-hunting and taxes and travel plans and lots and lots of Relief Society stuff.

Okay, when I look over that list, I feel a little guilty. It's not all bad (I really can't complain about having to shop for plane tickets so I can backpack Europe this summer). Yeah, job-hunting isn't any fun and it takes a lot of time, but I'm choosing to do it. I went to a job fair yesterday about an hour north of here. It was specifically for charter schools. I'm not too sure about working for a charter school - it will probably mean a cut in pay and may not be too stable. Still, I had five interviews, I feel really good about getting a follow-up invitation from at least two of them, and I got to practice answering all of those tedious questions prior to going to the big job fair in a little less than two weeks. I also wound up with five hours to kill between interviews, so I drove to Flatirons. I bought a new pair of Clarks shoes, walked around a lot, browsed the travel books at Borders, and took myself to lunch. It was a long day, but not a horrible one.

Relief Society is probably at fault for most of the loss of my down time. Sundays are now filled with evern more meetings - on top of the normal three hours of church (yes, my non-Mormon friends, three hours), I have two hours of meetings before church starts. Once a month is the post-church "Snack and Chat" (or "Munch and Mingle" or, the most honest version, "Feed and Flirt"), once a month is a "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (which, contrary to the name, has nothing to do with racial tensions. It's when someone volunteers to host dinner and six other people are assigned to go there so people can meet other new people in the ward). Then, during the week there's Family Home Evenings (every Monday), a monthly book club, ward activities, temple assignments, Enrichment, and leadership trainings/meetings.

In a lot of ways, I'm glad for the calling. I wouldn't be going to any of those things (except for church itself) if I didn't feel obligated to go. I'm meeting and socializing with a lot more people, and I care about them more as well. That goes with the calling. I know that it's good for me - I'm still not a fan of large social gatherings, and this is giving me both the practice of attending and things to do while there. If I'm feeling awkward about talking to people, I can always find something to do in the kitchen or in asking someone about something I need to know. At least the calling gives me that. I just miss exercising, sleeping regularly, and having down time and such.

I told myself I would make this a short blog entry; it's after 10 and I need to be at school early tomorrow to set up my room for CSAP testing again. So, I'm going to end this for now. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to blog again soon - I still have stories to tell Emily and the rest of you.

Oh, and Happy Ides of March, and terrible luck to any of you fortunate enough to be working on a musical right now!

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