Saturday, April 18, 2009

No Sign! I See No Sign!

I try to be a humble person. I hope that hubris isn't one of my fatal flaws. But I'm starting to wonder if the gods are changing the weather just for me.

Consider this:
1) If that March blizzard hadn't hit, I wouldn't have stayed for the second day of the job fair last month. And if I hadn't stayed, I wouldn't have decided to look at any possible opportunities, which is how I wound up interviewing at MTHS in the first place.

2) The very weekend I am making my decision about the job at MTHS, a second blizzard hits Colorado. My only hesitation about the job at this point is my absolute abhorrence of driving in snow. Which was emphasized again during my more-than-twice-as-long-as-usual crawl home yesterday after school.

Then again, MTHS declared yesterday a snow day. Which makes me think that when they say "Information about conditions from Denver to Fairplay is considered since staff and students travel these distances. Safety is the primary consideration in deciding..." on their webpage about snow closures, they're not just talking the talk. Especially since they announced the closure at 10:30 pm the night before, when the snow was just starting to fall.

It's Saturday, it's snowing still here (which puts a kink in my "Let's drive to MTHS one more time!" plan), and I'm catching up on things I need to do. And I'm wondering if these two late-season snowstorms happened to get me to work at MTHS.

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