Thursday, April 16, 2009


I called him.

We actually played phone tag back and forth a bit before getting each other live.

He offered me the job (!); I asked about the time commitment for the speech club. He said it was really up to me and the needs of the team how much time I would need to spend after school. There are around 11 competitions, almost all on Saturdays between October and January. If there is an assistant coach in town who can ride with the kids on the bus, I could meet them at the hosting school rather than having to drive up and back.

I asked if I could have until Monday to think about it. He said I could have even more time, if that's what I needed. I promised to touch base with him one way or another on Monday.


Okay, my feelings have swung to polar opposites in the last 24-hours. Now, they're settling again back towards a middle uncertainty.

Last night I went to see Tang Concubines with Brittany (from the ward). I loved a similar production I saw a few years ago, Terra Cotta Warriors - it's a blend of Chinese ballet, opera, martial arts, drumming, and story-telling. Tang Concubines wasn't quite as good, but it had some wonderful tricks and moments in it. Enough that I couldn't shut off my directing mind - when I wasn't making notes (which I'm going to jot down here for my own records, feel free to skip ahead. Twirling fans by rubbing handles in your hands during backbends; hanging using a long doubled white cloth, then placing behind neck, spinning quickly, and ending on a backbend with the neck supported by the loop and quick full down white lights; warriors with wooden poles lifting up a corpse by threading them under the body in a star pattern; lifting the standing empress up on a platform carried by six soldiers; soldiers with a knife in each hand stabbing outwards like spikes going up and slapping the floor and thighs; DRUMS!, girl steps on guy's crouched thigh, guy turns under her so she ends up sitting on his shoulders; Okay, back to the story)

When I wasn't making notes, I was thinking about what plays would be best to involve a lot of students, very low budget, and a small theater space. I was excited again, and there were some creative buzzings I love but haven't felt since I left DPJH. I need to be teaching theater again.

I'll drive up there again on Saturday with Rachel and Ben (and Jem) so I can get some second and third opinions (and pictures). I'm also schedule to do a temple session tonight for the ward, so that should help with some more meditation time. I want to be certain of my decision when I make it.

Also, I want to thank all of you who have offered so many kind words of encouragement on the blog, by email, by phone, and in person. It really does help (even when I argue back), and it means a lot to me that you're thinking of me (Annie! Email me, will you? I don't think I have your current email address).

DPJH folks, I miss you guys like crazy. I can't articulate my decision to move to many people, but know that it had nothing to do with leaving our school or the drama program there. I loved working with you students, teachers, and parents; and I am crazy proud of the shows we created there. In making a DVD portfolio for my interviews, I went back and re-watched the news clips of our scows and the video Jackie and company made for me - that movie means more to me than I can possibly say. You have set a high bar for whatever job I take next, and your passion and love are what I think of when I wonder why I'm putting myself through yet another job search. So, thanks.

As always, I'll keep you posted!


  1. Wahooo! CONGRATS on the job offer!!! I know it's a tough decision deluxe, but at least you have options right now! I like how helpful the school sounds. :)

  2. Amanda! I don't think I have YOUR current email address! My best one is my first name dot last name at gmail dot com.

  3. Hurray, Hurrah!
    If nothing else, it's always lovely to get a job offer. And it sounds like there are a lot of truly wonderful things about that job. and speaking as a person with a 45 minute commute, there's much to be said for arriving to work awake and with some of your personal stuff dealt with, and for creating a buffer zone between exiting work and re-entering life at home. Personally, I enjoy it.
    No matter what, my best wishes and thoughts are with ye.