Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ask Us Again

Verbatim, by the way.

Scene: Sweltering Classroom

The teacher stands at the front of the room. Students are sitting in their desks, looking at her. There are some relatively soft noises from the constuction outside.

The teacher holds up a copy of the vocabulary final exam the students are about to take. She is exhausted and sick, but she dragged herself to school that day lest the principal think she's just slacking off during her last week at that school.

Teacher: When you get a copy of the vocab test, you can pull off the front page (she demonstrates) to refer to the words listed there. Please remember to write your name on it and remember that spelling counts since-

Student 1: Raising hand while interrupting Miss? Can we pull off the front page?

Teacher: Yes. Like I was saying, spelling counts. Any other questions?

Students are silent.

Teacher: All right. Best of luck! She begins handing out the test.

Student 2: As he takes his copy of the test Can I tear off the front page, Miss?

Teacher: Yes.

Student 3: Flipping through the test her neighbor just handed her Can I rip this off? Indicates front page.

Teacher: Yes.

Student 4: Raises her hand, waving it as all of the energy she is using to not talk gets channeled into the hand in the air.

Teacher: Corine?

Student 4: Can I rip this? indicates front page

Teacher: Digs around looking for sarcasm, but verbal irony section of the brain never got out of bed that morning. She wishes she were still there with that part of her brain. Sighing, but without reaction Yes.

As she walks to the back of the room, Teacher decides to post scene as a blog entry as an explanation to her friends for why she sometimes repeats herself during normal conversation. Yes, normal conversation.

P.S. Weekend was fun, despite the illness - did a temple session Friday night, then met up with Britney and Ryan to see "Star Trek". Freakin' awesome movie - I'd watch more of that show if all of it were like
this and not like this.

Saturday I went to see the Met's broadcast of La Cenerentola with Elisa and Melissa. It was fun, and I enjoyed seeing the backstage clips in between acts as well.

Sunday was normal church stuff, but because it was Mother's Day, we didn't have Ward Council beforehand. Is it sad that I woke up that morning thinking "Yes! Only three hours of church today!"?

P.P.S. That's right, normal.

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  1. Oooh, oooh, over here... I knew it was Corine before I even read her name :-)