Monday, October 26, 2009

I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan

Sometime tomorrow night, a two-day snow storm is supposed to begin.

Saturday, I have another early speech meet (leaving at 5:30 AM).

Given those two facts, I've decided to move to the condo for the rest of the week.

I was hesitant to do this. There's no TV reception and no internet at the condo. Call me technology-dependent, but I wasn't looking forward to five days without access to the outside world. Aside from school, that is.

Moreover, what if it snows so much they call a snow day? I'd be stranded in the (newly furnished) wilderness for an entire day without my DVR or Hulu or all the comforts of my home!

I was debating this tonight before I started packing, when I spotted a solution: my Wii! My poor, underused Wii! Suddenly, the possibilities abounded - I could play Rock Band and Twilight Princess and Mario Galaxy for hours on end with no guilt because what else could I do? I'm stranded at the condo!

The supplies are in my car (along with 5 books, some craft projects, and a bunch of DVDs). (What?)

Of course, this plan guarantees that there will be no snow day.


P.S. Natasha is freaking out because I'm packing. Little does she know, she's coming with me. Bwah ha ha.

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  1. That's awesome! I hope it goes well for you. How nice to have that place to retreat to. Poor Natasha. Didn't you tell her that there will be STAIRS? and Wide Windowsills??