Monday, August 23, 2010

Easy as a Life

I think I'd like to miss the first week of school every year.

Today was, well, easy. Aside from my late discovery that my classroom clock is 3 minutes slow, it couldn't have been smoother. The kids are eager and settled in. The first week of school is never very fun - too many unknowns and rules and policies and such to work through. I walked into school today and, aside from not knowing their names, it felt like I was walking into the middle of October.

I forwarded my principal the SLTib article as part of a thank-you note. He sent it on to the rest of the school, which led to many kind congratulations. Very nice, but it was still strange to constantly hear people call me a playwright.

I need to work on my ego. With any luck, I'll soon have a dinner conversation like this:

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