Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jeannie's Packing Up

Tomorrow we leave for the first speech meet of the season. It's an overnighter with 36 kids. Here's my packing list as coach:

- 1 list of names
- 4 Copies of hotel room assignments
- 1 stack of emergency release/insurance cards
- 1 file folder of behavior contracts
- 3 notepads
- 1 set Post-Its
- 10 pencils
- 10 pens
- 5 stopwatches
- 1 bag of medications released by the school nurse to carry for students
- 6 granola bars
- 10 fruit snackpacks
- 1 travel first aid kit
- 1 box of Tampons (assorted sizes)
- 1 set of emergency pantyhose
- Printed directions to the hotel and host school
- 2 checks (to the hotel/host school)
- My personal overnight bag & purse (with contents)
- My DS
- My Kindle
- My Laptop
- My notes for corrections to "Making Waves"
- My motion-sickness bracelet
- 2 Rolls masking tape

Why the masking tape, you may ask? I fully credit Ruth for this stroke of chaperoning genius:
At the appointed hour, the other chaperons and I make the rounds. We check each room to make sure the assigned students are in there (and no one else!). Once the room is approved, we bid them good night, shut the door, then place three pieces of masking tape scross the door's seam (top, handle, and bottom).

The students know that
1) We will untape them at the designated hour in the morning (usually 6:00)
2) We will be making rounds during the night to check the tape
3) If the tape is found broken, the entire room gets in trouble with me/their parents/the administration and are banned from further overnight meets.

See, it is impossible for someone to exit the room without the tape being broken. Even if they manage to open the door in a way that doesn't tear the tape, it is impossible for that person to get back into the room and reattach the tape from the inside.

Brilliant, I say!

As for the windows, well, I request rooms that are not on the first floor. If the hotel only has one floor, well, the kids currently believe that I tape the windows, too (and don't you dare tell them otherwise!).

Wish us luck!

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  1. We would just make daring balcony crossings. Also - there is plenty of naughty TV on.