Sunday, September 05, 2010

You Oughta Be in Pictures

I'm in GJ this evening. My parents and I drove back from Cedar City today, following a delightful quick weekend trip.

We arrived on Friday just before the last performance of "Waves". It was a good performance - I made a list as I watched of things I wanted to change. Most of them were items on my list already, so this was a nice confirmation of my thoughts from two weeks ago. The audience was incredibly nice - very positive comments, very enthusiastic about the show and its effects. So, yay!

For me, the joy was in the people who were kind enough to come see it - my parents, Andy and Jenn, Grandma Cook, Teresa and Nick, and Kelley all came to see it, and it means the world to me that they would come to see this thing I helped make.

It was also fun to see my new USF friends again, too. It was too quick, and I know I probably won't see them again, but they made for a wonderfully friendly "Welcome Home"-type of feeling.

Teresa, Nick, Kelley, and Grandma took off pretty quick, but I got to hang out with the rest of the family until Sunday morning. We went to the three Shakespeare plays (second viewings for me, but still enjoyable because 1) they're good shows and 2) I got to watch them with company and discuss afterwards), checked out a candy and nut store, and generally enjoyed each other's company.

Here's some pictures from the event, mostly courtesy mon pere:

USF Banners

The Auditorium Theater, where my show played:
Auditorium Theater

The NAPP Plays

That's me!
Hey, That's Me!

Look! I'm an emerging playwright!
An Emerging Playwright


Diane, one of my hosts for the week:
Diane and Me

These are the crane bookmarks I made for the cast and crew as thank-yous. Cute, huh?
Crane Bookmarks

We took the long way home so we could see Cedar Breaks:
Cedar Breaks

And we stopped off in Thompson Springs to check out the petroglyphs:
Petroglyphs and Clouds

P.S. Get this - twice people came up to me later that weekend to say how much they liked my show. I've got fans!

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