Monday, September 19, 2011

All Quiet

I've started a few blog entries tonight, but really, there's just not that much to share.  This cold wiped me out so completely that things have just been quiet.

Literally for a while.  Thankfully my voice is almost back to normal - I could at least do the vocal warmups today, although I'm still coughing (or, as one student graciously put it, "barking like a seal").

Happily my energy's almost back to normal too.  I've missed it.

See?  Like I said, not much to share.  So, to make this worth your while, here's a video that's all shiny with 80's childhood memories:

The best part is the water reflection.

Also? I was convinced for years that Fivel was somewhere out there beneath the "pebble light". I figured it was some kind of weird perspective-thing, since they were mice and all. Then again, I also thought "half-mast" was a sailing term for doing a poor job, like you only raised the sails part-way. It was a long time before I figured out people were actually saying "half-assed."

My version makes a lot more sense, if you ask me.

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