Monday, September 26, 2011


One of my new rules for self-preservation is if no one signs up for Speech practice at least 24 hours in advance, I cancel practice.

Distracted by Homecoming/Spirit Week and accustomed to my being there, well, all the time, the sign-up board for this week was looking pretty sparse and today's slot was completely empty.  I stuck to my guns, and when some kiddos came in right after the bell rang and asked me to work with them, I said, "Sorry, no.  Sign up for a time later in the week, though."

They definitely need to practice, but they also need to learn to respect my time and plan ahead.  So I kept my own rules and ta-dah!  I had time to get the speech hoodie order processed, Photoshop the logo for the hoodies, prep for Drama 1 auditions tomorrow, and completely catch up on grading.  Woot!

My own productivity levels have dropped since getting home, though.  Sure, I worked out and cooked dinner and all, but I'm also distracted.  Not by Homecoming plans or deciding what to wear for Decade Day Wednesday, but by a certain upcoming trip.

We booked our hotel last night, you see, and it's so pretty and so wonderfully located.  Plus, my grandmere et grandpere sent me a book last night that I've been thoroughly enjoying.  In fact, I'm off to read more about Parisians now.

Bonne nuit!

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