Sunday, January 08, 2012


A speech meet on Friday meant my weekend was free, which meant I could babysit Jack Saturday night.

It was fairly uneventful - we had dinner, watched "Kipper," read some stories, played with his toy cars, and, as you can see, played with my iPhone camera while Jack gnawed on a big soft ginger cookie.

The biggest event of the night was when Jack tumbled down the stairs. Thanks to that wonderful toddler rubberiness, he was fine, just scared. He was a sight - lying spread-eagle at the foot of the stairs, his cookie abandoned halfway down, with a stunned expression for those tense seconds of quiet that preceded the big wails. I picked him up, restored the cookie, and we read "Pigs in Hiding" until he calmed down.

All in all, an easy night. I even had time to read more of "The Three Musketeers" before Rachel and Ben got home.

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