Saturday, June 09, 2012

Grand Junction

We're having a mini-family reunion this weekend!  Rachel, Jack, Andy, Jen, and I are all home visiting the parents and each other.  We shopped a little, ate all kinds of delicious cheeses, went to see Men in Black III, and swam.  It's been low-key and wonderful.

Emily pointed out last weekend how unusual and wonderful it is that my family all really truly enjoy spending time together.  And it's true.  We do.

The others are heading back to their respective homes tomorrow while I"m hanging out for an extra day or two before I abandon my cat and my plants here for the summer.  I don't know that I'll be doing anything particularly remarkable in the next few days; although, true to my pre-trip ways, I got some fabric today to make a new skirt.  Marvelous.

1 comment:

  1. You and your skirts. Me and my incessant vacuuming. Why can't we just pack and plan for a trip like normal people! Have a wonderful time on your next adventure and enjoy the fruits of your late-night labor once it's finished!