Thursday, September 20, 2012

Please Wake Teacher for Conference

This is what I'm supposed to look like:

Photo Source

But this is more realistic:

Except with a redder nose, surrounded by tissues, and on a desk instead of a bed.
Photo source

This is not a fun cold.  This is the kind of cold that makes people who talk to me tsk-tsk with sympathy while slowly backing away. 

I had a glorious drug-induced nine hours of sleep last night after the first round of conferences, and I have three conferences to go before I get another glorious drug-induced nine hours of sleep.  Then just one more day of teaching and one field trip to get through before I can spend Saturday looking like this:

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But in my imagination, I'll look like this:

Photo Source

Although, with the NyQuil, it may be more like this:

Photo Source

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