Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sick Day, Snow Day

It's Sunday.  There's a blizzard outside.  I'm in Littleton.  And I have another cold.

The speech banquet was Friday night, so I ducked out of musical rehearsal a few minutes early to dash over to the other building to set up.  It wasn't an extravagant affair by any standards, but it did take a good chunk of planning and organizing to put together.  Doing that on top of working on three shows made me quite happy to be able to check it off my list.

The banquet wrapped up at 7:00, and I headed back to the Mountain Town condo and to an early bedtime.  Cold #2 of the month had hit earlier that day, and I slept for a solid 13 hours.

Saturday was spent housecleaning the condo, then heading down the mountain.  I picked up groceries for the next two weeks as well as some more props and tools for the musical, then headed to my Littleton home to do some laundry.

Rachel's birthday was this week, and while I didn't make it down the mountain to see her on the actual day, I did join her, Ben, and Jack for dinner (and to give her her present) at CPK Saturday night.  It was just beginning to snow as we left the restaurant, which left me torn.  Do I race home, finish the laundry as quickly as possible, and head back up the mountain in the dark?  Or do I stick around for another day to Accomplish Things and hope the storm ends early?

I opted for the latter, popped a muscle-relaxant (not for recreation - my neck has been seized up all week), and slept for another blissful 10 hours.

Upon waking I discovered that church had been cancelled due to the snow.  It's been near-white-out conditions all day.  While that does make for a cozy sick/snow day (stupid illness), it does not bode well for my getting up the mountain.  The forecasts are saying the snow won't stop until sometime after dark.  I think at this point it will be better to deal with the roads early tomorrow morning than this afternoon while the snow's still coming down.  They're just barely starting to plow my parking lot now, and the trek I made to my garage to retrieve some of the afore-mentioned groceries was perilous enough to keep me from trying to get to work while the snow's still falling.

I like how you can see the wind carving the snow, like rock canyons on fast-forward.

So, home I sit.  The fire's going, but the cat's still up in Mountain Town.  Alas.  Instead I'll do a bit of work and weaving.  At least I have my yarn and loom.

Sick/Snow Day Breakfast - Mint Tea with La Perruche Sugar and Cranberry-Orange Morning Rounds.

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