Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend Trip - Salt Lake City

As noted, I ran away to Salt Lake City for President's Day.

My parents came up from Grand Junction for the weekend and picked me up at the airport late Friday night.

We spent most of Saturday in Salt Lake proper, visiting Andy and his animals and shopping.  Sunday Grandma Cook hosted a mini family reunion where I got to meet my four new (well, to me at least) Ukrainian cousins.  Monday we met up with Andy and Jenn for breakfast at Finn's before Mom and Dad hit the road and I stopped by to see Janelle and her brood for an all-too-short catch up.

It was a quick trip, and I got home Monday evening with just enough time to throw a week's worth of clothes and the cat in the car and head back up the mountain.  Still, I enjoyed seeing the old sights (and new ones - they have a Trader Joe's now on 4th South!), and I hope to be able to get out there again soon to see the sights and people I missed this time around.

A German Bakery
We enjoyed the pretzel bread.

A corner of Blazing Needles

Andy and Roman
Mom's got a fan club
Lucy begging for more scratches
Breakfast Monday morning at Finn's Cafe

A proper Utah lunch at the airport


  1. I used to live less than two blocks away from Finn's cafe, and I've never eaten there! But I've always wanted to. Aren't they only open for breakfast? Also, next time you find yourself in Utah I would love to see you. Maybe for breakfast at Finn's.

    1. You should definitely go to Finn's. They also do lunch. And I would love to see you! Hopefully the next time I come it will be for more than a quick trip.