Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Three Out of Four

In the last seven spring-time weeks I had a musical, two plays, and a field trip.  As of this afternoon, three of those four events were postponed due to snow.

My front "yard"

Instead of running a final dress rehearsal at school and getting the kids psyched up for a show in two hours, I'm on the couch at home with a pan of rice pudding cooking on the stove and a cup of mint tea at my side.

Here's what my car door looked like after the icy drive home:

A baseball game got rescheduled to tomorrow afternoon, so the in-school performance had to be moved as well.  Now we'll do that on Friday, I'll run a drama field trip Friday night, and the evening show performance will be Monday night.

I was looking forward to being done with after school things this weekend, but it's probably a good thing for my students to have a few more days to rehearse and my immune system to have a few more days to recover since I keep having incidents like this:

Me:  Okay, everybody, cir-  interrupted by coughing fit.  Cir-  coughing fit.  Cir- coughing fit.  I gesture my index finger in a circling move above my head.  -up on sta- coughing fit.  I point at the stage.

My TA: Standing next to me, shaking his head.  Poor Waterhouse.

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