Friday, May 17, 2013

When He Turned It In, He Promised There Were "Many Historical Accuracies"

Today was the 17th-19th centuries test in Humanities. In one section, I gave the students a list of terms from those periods and the following instructions:

Select one of the following and write a paragraph that explains how that person/thing changed history.

One student's summary was particularly... enthusiastic. Here's his response for
*The Industrial Revolution* (all spelling, punctuation, etc. per original):

So the Industrial Revolution was pretty awesome; awesome enough to be capitalized! Around the mid 18th century, people started realizing, "Hey! Wait just a darn tootin' minute, (Accent = Period accurate) We could probably built one a' then dern fangled machines teh do this fer us!" And thats what they did. The industrial revolution lived up to it's name, it was revolutionary. Due to this event, mass production began, economies expanded, trade increased (Primarily due to RAILROADS!), the world made a universal shift from agricultural output to industrial! Planes, trains, and automobiles! Hallelujah! Viva le Revolution! (The industrial one, not the French.)

At least it's better than the girl who wrote "During the Industrial Revolution communication improved greatly with the invention of the telephone and the Internet."

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  1. BahahahaHA!! Here's one of our recent gems: many people have different opinions about a number of various things.