Wednesday, October 23, 2013


In the past week I...

- sliced open my thumb on a picture of Chuck Bass,
- cut both of my wrists,
- burned my hand,
- sliced a three inch gash in my thigh that was deep enough to make me think "Do I need stitches?"  and then think "Nah, I'll just put a gauze on it." Then, when I bleed through that piece of gauze, I cover it with another piece of gauze.  Then, when I bleed through that, I get a newer, bigger piece of gauze and a lot of medical tape and also some Neosporin and then I congratulate myself on knowing first aid.
- Two days later, the bandages gave me a rash four times the size of the gash.

Old age is dangerous.

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  1. Do you need me to come look at your leg tonight?