Saturday, October 05, 2013

The End of the Beginning

Today was my last free Saturday until February 1.  Oy.

Our first speech meet is next weekend, an overnighter in Vail.  The kids are psyched, and I'm ready to move into the next phase of coaching.  After a month of after-school practices, it's time for them to put their pieces to the test.

Following that meet are nine more spread out over four months.  Add in a birthday celebration, a trip to New York, the class play, and a couple of holidays and *Poof!* - there go my weekends.  Granted, many of those are ideal ways to spend time, but there is still something psychologically daunting about seeing so many dots on my mobile calendar.

In preparation, I have been doing what I can to get ready.  Last Saturday was primarily spent getting my car fixed (I figured brakes would be a good thing what with the 6000-foot daily altitude change and winter and all).  I also ran errands, picking up supplies for a couple of Christmas crafts, and met up with a friend for a bit.

Today started off with a much-needed haircut, then I ran up to Rachel and Ben's to babysit the boys.  Sam slept, ate, and slept some more while Jack played on my tablet, ate lunch, and discussed Daniel Tiger's teeth with me.

After a trip to the grocery store, a few loads of laundry, and a quick dinner from WhichWich; I launched into full cleaning mode, scrubbing down my kitchen and both bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, polishing my floors.  I even washed the newly-discovered spider webs out of the wreath on my door, despite their potential for DIY Halloween decor.

I'm excited to sleep in a bit tomorrow, thanks to Conference weekend.  My plan is to work on the previously-mentioned Christmas projects and to meet up with Rachel to talk shop for this year's musical.  It's hard to believe that it's already that time of year, but we announce the show in less than a month and auditions are right after Thanksgiving, so we both need to get cracking!

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