Sunday, November 10, 2013

An Unexpected Market

As it often does, our conversation over brunch to Woodland turned towards reminiscing over memorable food we've shared on our travels.  This led us to conclude that the best way we could spend our day in Brooklyn is hunting for treats.  

A quick internet search suggested we begin our search with a gourmet doughnut shop called Dough.

We set off in the direction of the shop, enjoying the glorious fall weather and the red and gold foliage.  We had been walking for about 30 minutes when, lo, what is this?

White tent tops?  Stands filled with items from somebody's attic?  Androgynous young urbanites in skinny jeans and handmade knitwear?  It's a Hipster Market!

Most excellent.  We dove in to wander through the stands of repurposed mason jars, rusted tin panels and giant lettering, still-in-the-box baseball action figures from the 1980's, vintage clothing, vinyl records, handstiched jeans (choose your own thread color!), and not one but two stalls selling a variety of skeleton keys.

It's possible that I didn't resist these spools of assorted trim.

Mostly, though, we ate our way through the market enjoying: 

Miniature whoopie pies,

(Mmm... pumpkin spice)

The very shop we had been hunting:

(Mmm... salted caramel chocolate)
(Although Jason's Hibiscus doughnut was the winner here)

and, of course, a New York hot dog.  Or in this case, an Asian-inspired hot dog served bahn-mi style:

(Mmm... pickled carrots).

Also, cider:

(Mmm... cider).

It was a delicious event to stumble upon.  

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