Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Flip Side

As a balance to my verbose and largely pessimistic prior post, here is a brief bit of optimism:

1.  Another show is done, and it went well.
2.  That 89-hour work week is over.
3.  I have a whole week before I start my next show.
4.  There are only two days of school this week.
5.  I made Ridiculous Brownies for the cast celebration tomorrow.

What are Ridiculous Brownies, you ask?

Why, it's a brownie cupcake...

...with a peanut-butter-covered Oreo baked inside.

They are ridiculous, and I'm pretty sure my horde of teenagers is going to love them.


6.  I got to be social last night!  With non-teenagers!  By going to the Alamo to watch a teenage movie about teenagers who try to kill other teenagers!  It was delightful.

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