Monday, January 06, 2014

Gift Tags

Rachel invited me over for an afternoon in early December.  I rarely go to her place without bringing a craft, but at that point all of the crafts I was working on were gifts for her/her family.  So I decided on a whim to embroider gift tags for everyone this year.  I used leftover burlap from crafting with Lisa this summer, and I attached them with spare buttons.

A purple crochet hook for Rachel's rag rug

A paw print for Andy's pet triptych 

A cashew for Grandma (she got some treats from the Spice Shop)
A Tolkien reference for Samwise's painting

An Eiffel Tower for Mom (I gave her some fun wee art books I got in Paris)
A frosty Apple for Dad (touchscreen gloves and new earbuds)
A tea leaf for Jenn (I picked up part of her very British gift at Harrods's this summer)

A tree for the rope swing I made Jack
And a paint brush for Ben's portrait

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