Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing Tourist

We had a snowy commute to school Monday, a typically busy day, and then met Rachel and Fara for dinner at Ted's.  I couldn't convince Hannah to try bison, but we enjoyed a protein-rich meal and good company.

Today after school (Tuesday), we went on a bit of a photo scavenger hunt.  Fara mentioned a trail head nearby that had mountain lion warning signs.  Since I couldn't produce an actual mountain lion for Hannah (although we did almost hit two deer on the way to school Monday), the warning signs would have to do.

I followed Fara's directions and was surprised to discover that this is less than ten minutes from my house:

Sometimes I think living in Colorado is wasted on me.

We walked around the trail a little, took a lot of photos, then got back in the car to head to Dinosaur Ridge.  We arrived after the gates were closed, but parked at the base and walked up the hill to see:

Dinosaur footprints!

A lot of them!

And a couple of crocodile prints too:

The view was nice from the ridge as well:

After the photo shoot, we walked back to the car to meet Rachel and the boys for dinner at Cafe Rio.  Tomorrow's an all-day drama field trip.  Hannah's excited to see Denver in the daylight (we drove around a bit after MonkeyTown, but it'll be better tomorrow) and to ride on a yellow American school bus.  At least she's easy to please.  :)

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