Thursday, April 03, 2014

Snow Day... Eventually

The call for a delayed start came at 5:40.  I wasn't surprised - it had snowed most of the night, as forecasted and wasn't letting up.  I was annoyed, though.  I had already showered and was mid-hairdrying so instead of an extra hour of sweet, sweet sleep; I read for a while, expecting a call to cancel school to happen at any moment.

No such luck, though.  I met up with my carpool buddies at 7, and we started up the mountain.

The roads were awful.  About 15 miles in, we got stuck at one of the steep points and spent 10 minutes watching busses, semis, and passenger cars slide left and right in front of us:

The cars in front of us finally slide far enough to the sides that we could pass.  We found out later that about 3 minutes after we got through, they shut down that part of the highway completely.

After about 80 minutes of driving, our phones began ringing - school was cancelled.  We were 3/4 of the way there.

John pulled over at the next intersection, cleared off the ice buildup, and we began our slow descent down the mountain.

Just over two hours after we left for work we bade each other safe drives home and parted ways.  I headed to the gym (yay for working out when I'm not exhausted!), then home for a quick second-shower, and then met Fara for lunch.

She recommended a French cafe in Highlands Ranch that was absolutely delicious and had more than generous portions:

...which takes care of lunch (and breakfast!) tomorrow as well.  Naturellement, we had to sample their pastries as well.  I went with one with an unusual combination (pear, banana, and Nutella) that was overwhelmingly rich:

but Fara's blackberry puff pastry was delicious:

After Fara dropped me off home, I thought about all of the things I should do with the rest of my day - cleaning, essay-writing, student travel planning, lesson planning.  Then I thought of what I could do.  And I made the right choice.

I made myself a cup of hot chocolate, curled up under a fluffy blanket, pulled Natasha onto my lap, and read.  My outstanding decision-making continued when I woke up suddenly with one of those neck-snapping sleepy head drops and realized that I had drifted off.  I put the book down and took a nap.

A nap!  Me!  In the middle of a Thursday!

And that, my friends, is how you do a snow day.

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