Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Like I Do This for a Living or Something

For anyone involved with the educational system, May rivals December for the craziest month.  There are so many ceremonies, celebrations, tests, and traditions to wrap up each school year that it feels as busy as the midst of the holiday festivities.

For me this year, May also seems to be the Month of Public Speaking.

Last week I...

- Played Quizmaster (emcee) for a trivia night for Enrichment*,
- Gave a small speech to honor of one of my drama students at the Senior Awards night**, and
- Gave a presentation to the parents of the students coming with me to New York***.

This week I will...

- Introduce the valedictorian at graduation,
- Speak in Sacrament Meeting, and
- Teach in Relief Society.

Tonight a member of the ward called me to see if I'd give a prayer in Church on Sunday.  When I explained that I was one of the speakers, he said he'd 'let me off the hook this time.'

Thank goodness for that.

* To great success, I will note.  I was hesitant about how pub trivia would be received by a crowd that isn't tempered by alcohol.  The ladies loved it (with the exception of one person who was offended by a Brigham Young joke), and they insisted on doing all of the bonus rounds I had prepared.

** Where I was introduced as "the impeccably dressed and purple-haired Ms. Waterhouse."

*** By far the toughest (and scariest) crowd is a group of parents I'm asking money from to take their children to a Scary Big City.  They were annoying silent throughout the presentation, giving only small chuckles at the jokes I threw in with growing desperation.  I was reassured afterwards that they aren't all absolutely terrified/resentful when several of them came up to thank me for giving their kid this opportunity.  Still, parents = stress.

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