Sunday, May 18, 2014


Lisa raised her right hand.  "I would like to solemnly declare that I have a testimony of packing cubes."

She's going to Europe in a few weeks, so most of our conversations lately are about travel tips.  I've joined her for a couple luggage store runs as she searches for the perfect bag, and she made her declaration while we were looking at carry-ons out at Park Meadows.  ("Do you want to come luggage shopping with me at Park Meadows and then get cheesecake?" she asked.  "The cheesecake is to make the trip to Park Meadows worthwhile."

"You had me at 'luggage shopping,'" I said.)  (Although the cheesecake was delicious.)

I have not tried packing cubes.  I roll my clothes already, and I couldn't imagine that a few fabric cubes would make enough of a packing difference to justify the extra space they must take up.

Still, Lisa's testimony made me curious, and I found a set of Sharper Image cubes on clearance for $16.  "What the hey?" I figured.

And then I tried them.

That's my smaller carry-on bag, the one I often think is too thin to really do what I'd like it to do.  And inside the right half of that bag (HALF!) is six shirts, two sweaters, two pairs of pants, six sets of garments, and two dresses.

I just kept pulling stuff from my closet and rolling clothes up to fill the space.  I actually could have fit a few pairs of socks in there too, and had plenty of room in the other side of the suitcase for toiletries and shoes.

Guys, I have a testimony of packing cubes.  Tell your friends.


  1. Well crap, now I want two sets! One for me, one for Sam. But especially Sam. Baby clothes become an absolute mess in suitcases. Does anyone want to buy me some?

  2. I'm on board with this. I want to get the details from you so that I can find them in Seattle.

  3. And the conversions start. Join me, brothers and sisters, and ye will not have to pay 60Euro for a checked bag on Ryan Air, or EasyJet, or Iberia Express.