Saturday, February 21, 2015

New Dishes

The snow tapered off in the night, but the forecasts are all calling for doom and gloom and lots of snow for this evening through tomorrow night (in fact, they've already called off church for tomorrow thanks to the storm!); so I dashed out earlier today in search of musical odds and ends.

While shopping, I ducked into Cost Plus to check out their selection of couches.  No luck there, but I did spot some dishes I really liked.  My current dishes are a combination of a set Mom and Dad got at their wedding and a set I got at the Wedgewood factory outlet store while visiting Mercedes in England.  I've been thinking about getting new dishes for several years now, and today I finally splurged!

The ones I found are colorful and fun, and I decided to mix and match styles for a more exotic look that reflects my tastes in travels:

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