Friday, April 24, 2015

Prom 2015

So tonight I'm chaperoning prom.

Of the three dances we have, Prom has some distinct advantages as a chaperoning duty:

1) It's on a Friday, so I don't lose my weekend,

2) The venue is just 10 minutes from my house,


3) No freshmen are allowed and sophomores only by invitation.

Like all dances, though, it's rather boring.  Sure, we make occasional patrols to check nooks.  Right now, for example, I'm standing obviously close to a couple who were making out and are now instead giving me not-so-subtle dirty looks.

Still - boring.  So I shall blog the event.

The theme:

All the boys dancing together:

All the girls:

Some friendly faces - two senior boys with their (graduated) dates:

The obligatory shoe pile begins:

The view from the balcony:

The venue is in Morrison, almost a stone's throw from Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It's not a bad event space:

They just started playing Don't Stop Believing, so the balcony just emptied out:

Now I'm monitoring the drink station and I'm bored enough for a selfie:

Ooh!  Big moment!  Royalty!

Junior class:

And seniors:

I'm pretty happy that 4/4 of the court are drama kids and 3/4 are speechers.

My favorite outfit of the night:

I'm not sure why the boots, but I've always admired Sarah's sense of style.

This is my second favorite because l still have a ten year old inside of me who wants to dress like a princess:

By the way, these MTHS kids need a talking to about Prom etiquette.  The first couples showed up at 7:52 for a dance that starts at 8.  They were early!  Early!  Who does that?

To make matters worse, every kid was here by 9:15.  I don't think we'd even left dinner by 9:15 my senior year.

Aw, lonely kid who has been wandering aimlessly all night just walked off to the balcony with the lonely girl who's been looking depressed by the drink station!  Good for them (although don't worry, there's another chaperone already out there to keep them from "looking at the stars," as the couples keep claiming to be doing).

This year's gift (another thing I don't recall from my own Prom, but apparently it's a Thing) are these:

They are cups:

And they light up:

And here are some more poses:

Not pictured - another chaperone's fiancĂ© and I getting into a fierce argument   over his claim that assonance is a kind of rhyme.

Ooh!  Exciting news! The music just cut out (ironically in the middle of Ke$ha declaring "Don't stop!").  The DJ's poking around frantically with a flashlight.  It doesn't look good.  Then again, as one of the chaperones just asked our group, "Alright, which one of you slipped him a 20 to wrap things up early?"


Still no music.  It's 10:30, so a big chunk of kids gave up and took off.  There is a big group of girls in pastels singing "Let It Go" in the middle of the dance floor now.


10:45.  No music still and a lot more couples attempting to "star-gaze" on the balcony.


Music!  We have music!  And just 10 minutes left.  I'm going to post so we can wrap this sucker up.

You know what this means, though?  If Prom's over, we are definitely on the downward run to summer!

P.S. Rachel, I'm bringing some balloons over for the boys tomorrow.

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  1. Yay, balloons! You don't remember prom gift? They were usually cheap champagne glasses with the year and theme printed on them. I see they have decided fancy adult glasses might encourage kids to drink, so they give regular cups now? Good I suppose, but kind of cheapens the effect. Looks a little gas station-y.