Friday, June 09, 2006

Grizabella: The Glamour Cat

At the top of my summer to-do's was this task for my cat...


O, so furry and hot!


I think she's happier (and cooler!), although she doesn't look like it here.

I had her shaved at Petco this time, and last year's shave was definitely a better experience. I first had Nash shaved at a lady's solo business in Fruita last summer. That lady 1) let me stay and help, 2) only charged me $25, 3) took less than an hour, and 4) ask me if I had been saved yet. Petco 1) had me drop Nash off and said I could come get her "3-4 hours later", 2) was filled with big dogs (poor kitty!), 3) charged me $53, and 4) did not seem the least bit concerned with my personal salvation. Next year, I think I'll go back to Fruita.

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