Friday, June 09, 2006


It's been raining almost all day today. As it dried up this afternoon, and blue sky appeared, I decided to go for a walk. I went east this time, and discovered this house:

They actually have a moat and a rose bower. Incredible, especially the way it was just there, within a neighborhood of usual houses.

It even had a special street sign:
"4900 - East of the Sun, West of the Moon."

My walk was pleasant at first, but shortly after finding that house, thunder began rumbling in the distance. I turned in the direction of home, but got scarcely 3 blocks before I was caught in an incredible downpour. About a mile from home, I hid under a tree at first, but the rain showed no sign of letting up. My concern wasn't my getting wet. It was that I had brought a book with me and I didn't want the book to get wet (those of your who know me will express no surprise whatsoever at either of those facts). So I tucked the book into my pants and headed towards home. When the lightening started up, then I got a little more concerned. I waited a bit under various awnings, then as the lightening moved away, got home. My nice neighbor drove past me about a block from our apartments. Gentleman that he is, he met me in the parking lot with an umbrella. I only had about 100 feet to go at that point, and I was already absolutely soaked, but it was sweet of him. He told me, "My mother would turn over in her grave if I left a lady out in the rain."

I enjoyed my walk, though. And my book came through just fine, although my neighbor gave me strange glance when I pulled it out from my waistband.

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