Thursday, September 28, 2006

So Happy


Despite an amazingly chaotic week - testing, three days of different schedules, an ambulance arrival at school, the fire drill that wouldn't end, and parent-teacher conferences, I am in a great mood. Yes, part of that is probably because there is no school tomorrow. I am blissfully anticipating sleeping in until 9:00 (that's four more hours!), a visit to the temple with Janelle, and a weekend with my parents in town (not to mention General Conference - church in your pajamas is always a treat).

Other reasons for happiness:

I held auditions this yesterday for my Advanced Drama class' production of "Much Ado", casted it today, and posted the cast list with no tears from the students! They actually all seemed pretty happy with their parts (glory be). I finished cutting the play as well. This was one of those projects that I didn't realize how much stress it was causing me until it was over. Now we begin rehearsals. I'm really excited to see them grow into these parts, though.

I had many wonderful compliments from parents at the conferences - the students like my classes enough to talk about them at home. Pretty high praise for teenagers! I'm also discovering that I have a strong reputation at other schools in our district - our musicals and the training I give my student-actors were both mentioned as being complimented by teachers from other schools.

One of the dear teachers at our school stopped by to tell Janelle, Kelley, and I that she was glad the cuts at our school aren't really affecting our performing arts program. As she put it, "I'm glad they're not cutting out the heart of our school."

I'm going to go to NYC in about a month - a joint birthday celebration for me and Jason. Our plan is to see "Madame Butterfly" at the Met. (Times review) I've wanted to see "Butterfly" for a while, and the misty winter set of the "La Boheme" I saw there a year or so ago still lives happily in my theater slide-show of my mind.

And other such happinesses. Sleepiness is dawning, though, and so I'm off to bed. Good night, faithful readers!

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