Sunday, January 21, 2007

Girl Crazy

I'm back! Again.

Last weekend I spent a glorious three days in Disneyworld with my family. I wore sandals! We walked, shopped, ate, and played in the magic kingdom that sadly is finally loosing its magic for me. The rides are still fun (Buzz Lightyear is just a brilliant ride), but the spark is finally fading for me.

Oh, to grow up.

In a fun perk, my mom arranged for us to stay in the lodge in Animal Kingdom. In the park! I didn't know you could do that. We arrived at the hotel at about 1:30 am, walked out onto the balcony of our room, and found a giraffe. Andy, true to his word, promptly named it "Bumpy".

We rendezvoused with Grandma Cook, my uncle Jeff and his family on Saturday and got to do some of the parks with little kids in tow. It was a classic family vacation for us - one where we needed a vacation to recover.

Which is why I was delighted when Janelle called me while I was walking through Frontierland. She proposed we use our upcoming three-day weekend for a roadtrip. Naturally, I said yes. The original plan was for us to go to Vegas, but the end of the week was more stressful than we all had planned. So, Janelle and I packed Donovan (3 months old and the biggest flirt!) into my car and we drove to Christine's house in Heber. We cooked Asian food, shopped the outlets, watched the entire first season of Gray's Anatomy, knitted various things, and had a wonderfully sequestered (and therefore relaxing) time. In fact, we're already planning the next Girls+Donovan trip.

And so I'm back, and this time I think I'll be home for about a month. Tomorrow is the start of the third quarter which means (ta-dah!) I get my consultation period back! Just in time, too. We held auditions for Honk two weeks ago. There are stories to tell from that, which I will hopefully be awake enough to write in days to come, but here's the brief:
138 kids in the cast
Outstanding leads!
Such talent we actually talked seriously about triple-casting the show. Could've done it, too, except for the actual rehearsal-realities.
I'm excited to be doing the musical again. It's crazy, yes, but I love it.

Bed again. I'm fighting yet another cold. Today's remedy included a hot bath with Sacred Songs sung by Renee Flemming followed by soup made from my grandmother's recipe. Mmm....

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