Monday, July 30, 2007

Russian Photos!

A shot of the screen at the bowling alley showing our scores:

A house in Nostarovoe. The houses almost all had beautiful woodworking around the windows like this one.

Our group with the priest in Nostarovoe

A few of the icons in the cathedral in Nostarovoe

A diorama showing the salt-making process in Nostarovoe

The merry travelers outside the Kremlin (Dima, me, Tanya, Rose, and Yen. Paul's taking the picture)

Rose and I in front of St. Basil's

Tanya and Paul showing off the Tsar's Canon inside the Kremlin

Rose, Yen, and I posing with Lenin and Tsar Nicholas outside Red Square(who knew they were friends?!)

The Cathedral of Christ the Redeemer

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