Monday, June 09, 2008

Magic Man

Last weekend, while my parents were in town for Andy's graduation, we went furniture shopping for my new place. Specifically, I was hunting for new armchairs for the living room.

We looked at Ikea first, and while there were some styles that I liked, the color choices were not good. I began to fear that the only way to match the existing couch was to get chairs in stark cream or black. That, or get rid of the couch and start from scratch. Neither were favorable options in my mind.

Then my parents suggested we stop by another favorite furniture store of mine, Copenhagen West. My bedroom set is from this upscale Scandinavian store, and I love their stuff. Upon entering, we were greeted by an enthusiastic salesman, Casey.

Casey: Hello! Anything I can help you find today?
Me: Yes. I'm looking for an armchair or two to go in a room with a dark teal couch and butter yellow walls.
Casey: Well, there's nothing like a challenge, now is there?

Casey proceeded to lead us on a zig-zaggy tour of the store, pointing out various styles of chairs. Our destination, it turns out, was what I now refer to as The Magic Pillow.

Casey produced The Magic Pillow from a display towards the back, proclaiming it one of his favorites. "My partner and I have two on our couch at home!" I immediately liked the colors in it, so we set off through the store again, this time with The Magic Pillow leading the way, gripped by Casey.

And lo, we came upon a lovely little swivel leather armchair in apple green. I never would have picked that color, but it went beautifully with The Magic Pillow, and when my dad held up a swatch of yellow fabric he found that is close to my walls, I fell in love.

It's close to this style. Now picture it in something like this color. Crazy, right? I'm telling you, the pillow is magic!

And this is why it helps to shop with someone who knows how to decorate (not to mention two very generous parents who not only bought me two of these darling chairs, but also two Magic Pillows - thanks again, parents!).

Behold, the magic:

Okay, it's better in person than on a blurry picture taken via Blackberry. Still, do you see how it actually matches the teal couch? Magic!

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