Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Melody of Spring

I typically end my Drama 1 class with a Lip Sync assignment. It's a popular one with a good reuptation - when I answer questions about the class on the first day, they say "Do we get to do the Lip Sync thing?"

This year, two of my students asked if they could do a video instead of a live performance. I knew they had taken video productions (a new class at our school), so I figured, what the hey?

I expected a video of them turning on the camera and pretending to sing along while the music played off camera. Their actual project is far more awesome than that. And, they put it up on YouTube themselves, so I get to post it here for you to enjoy and for you to see two eighth-grade reasons why I'm sad to be leaving.

(I don't get the antlers, but I love the antlers!)