Sunday, September 28, 2008

Let the Play Begin

Last weekend I flew to my old hometown so I could see my play (!!!) in the Page-To-Stage festival and to play Rock Band with the DPJH crew. Not necessarily in that order.

It was a wonderful weekend, marred only by how difficult it made work on Monday for me.

Behold! Orange Tuesday reuinted!

And the less well-executed "Chop Suey" (although you have to admire Ben's accomplishment, since according to the doctor, his vocal chord is still paralyzed. Rock Band heals!)

After we had lunch at our old favorite curry place, Janelle, Ben, John, Kelley and I headed over to Kelley's house to play Ben's Rock Band 2 in her basement.

A little over three hours later, I finally looked at a clock and realized how late it was. Ben drove me back to Janelle's house, where I had left my rental car, and I changed clothes quickly before heading to the theater (stopping very quickly on the way at a store, since my only packed pair of pantyhose naturally ripped in, like, four places while I was pulling them on).

The show was... amazing. We had a terrific turn out (65 people in a 45-seat blackbox), and the audience was very receptive. Respectful, even, of the possibilities of the project.

Some photos, courtesy of my Dad's iPhone.

A theater head-shot:

Look at the crowd!

A few of the faithful from DPJH came to support me, and caught up with each other, too.

Aw! My adoring and adorable fans. On top of showing their love by coming to see the show, they even composed a song on their cellphones before the show started to celebrate my return.

Andy and Jen chat with Teresa and Nick:

The grinning founders of Chichi:

Katharine (the other playwright) talking to the actors after the show:

Heidi and I celebrating at dinner after the show:

After a delightful dinner at Buca di Beppo with my family and friends, we went to see Andy and Jen's new place. There, I met Norman. He liked being scratched.

After seeing my family off, Heidi and I met for lunch at Oasis Cafe to debrief/plan for the future. The good news is, I think that reading may just have been the beginning....


  1. First - We Rock! Second - so sorry to have missed the performance. Looks like a great turn out, I'd be interested to hear more about the actors interpretation and if you liked it or not.

  2. Awesome! I loved the music. and I am so bummed I wasn't able to come to the performance. It sounds like it went great.

  3. waterhouse!!! that was soo much fun!! we wouldn't have missed it for the world!! do you want the lyrics to "waterhouse is coming to town"? we'll totally give 'em to ya!