Wednesday, September 17, 2008

[title of show]

Just to prove that the title of my blog is still apropos (even if I'm not currently teaching drama) I give you, sans editing, with the original ink choices,

A Note Confiscated By The Teacher During Period 5

IDK! But I tried to talk to her But she was like I don't care any more It pissed me OFF

O is dat why you asked for ur sweater back?
O R U on C's side she's nice n all but she gets annoying tho

I AM NOT ON ANYONES Side But She Pissed me OFF


Ya I want to be her friend IDK what to do and IDC ANYMORE

G dat sucks u should just talk to her if u want

Probably but want I say might Piss HER OFF and Stuff

O why what were u going to say to her.

I was going to say look whatever the I did well don't blame it on me C said it it did not come out of my mouth

O I do'nt know if shell get mad

IDK I Hope not I want to be her Friend but it does not matter I AM done fighting wit her

U guys will probably become friends again but no matter what Im still ur friend

(At this point the correspondence abruptly ended)


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