Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sur La Plage

I finally didn't spend a Saturday at school working!

Granted, I had to run away to San Diego in order to do that, but still!

Here are some photos (courtesy mon pere et moi) from the trip:

The family at Sylvie & Larry's house (foreground: George chatting with Sadie on the "phone", on the couch: Grandpere, holding Lexie, Sadie, Sylvie, and me)

Me, Mom, and the Incredibly Cute Baby:

Plum Tart, Grandmere making one of her amazing salads:

Dad holding Sadie in front of the shrine to the grandchildren,
me and Lexie:

A picture of my dad from 1960:

We also got to see Grandpere's airplane
Can you pick out his?

How he films while flying:
Flip Camera+Velco

Grandpere pointing out the stickers that show the states in which he's flown that particular plane. Note also the windshield cover he made himself with fabric from Wal-Mart. The craftiness runs in both sides of my family!

Not shown:
* Fabulous Sunday spent at the beach. Lots of swimming, minor sunburn (Note: Spray-on sunscreen doesn't work out so well when it's windy)
* All-you-can-eat Sushi!
* Yummy BBQ at Sylvie and Larry's
* Sylvie and Larry's nifty living room rug, rest of house
* Sadie's Curious George-themed bedroom
* Tower of chocolates bought at Trader Joe's
* Mom, Dad, and I all grading vocab tests while waiting at the airport Monday
* Lots more baby-cooing

And, since I haven't told you before, my Aunt Nathalie has the Most Awesome Title Ever. Sadie dubbed her "Wowee" at least a year ago, and Nathalie's determined to keep it. And who'd blame her? We all look forward to seeing "Wowee George!" come over.


  1. This is ben on rachel's computer!

    I'm pretty sure Ed didn't build that plane, it was just a side-grade from his old one.

    The one he's building is still a work in progress I believe (waiting on cheap hangar space right?)

  2. Cute cute cute. I'd love to see the Curious George bedroom. Lots to talk about at our lunch, can't wait!!
    PS I love the image of you with your parents grading papers in the airport!! Ha Ha