Friday, June 12, 2009

Anglos in the Metro

Anglos in the Metro
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Here's Laura, Ben, Charlie, Imran, Heather, and Justin at the Ruben
Dario Metro stop.

Pueblo Ingles is over, and I am back in my hostel in Madrid. Most of
the Anglos are meeting up for dinner tonight. I wanted to go, but I
sadly have a cold and a 7:30 am flight. It feels like a normal cold,
but my cough is worse than usual. Probably thanks to a week of
constant talking and a night around a bunch of smoking Spaniards.

I love them, though. It was a fantastic week with a really remarkable
group of people. I want to tell you more, but it would take far too
long with typing on my iPhone and bed is calling to me. Tomorrow is
Prague, and I want to be awake enough to enjoy it.

Good night!

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