Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Recipe for Beach Hair

Recipe for Beach Hair
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1. Visit Acropolis, be blown away by coolness of Parthenon and dusty,
dusty winds.
2. Visit other ruins. More dust.
3. After full day in Athens, get on ferry boat for 12 hours, blown in
constant wind, sleep on a bench on the deck of said windy boat.
4. Wake at 6:00am while pulling into Crete, watch the sun rise over
the ocean after the boat captain yelled insistently at you in Greek to
get you to run over to the east side of the boat fearing deportation
but discovering dawn.
5. Drop luggage at pension, walk back to port to catch boat to Knossos.
6. Enjoy Knossos, more winds and dust, meet cool Aussie mom traveling
with 13 yr old son and swap beach tips.
7. Dash through Arch. Museum.
8. After lunch, take bus to Ranthymos (?), walk to beach , buying a
$22 bottle of sunscreen on the way.
9. Get tossed around by violent waves on pebbles, then soak up the sun
while recalling that you're in Greece!
10. Wait 45 minutes for return bus while contemplating possibility of
sleeping on another bench. Not windy this time.
11. Take photo for blog, take a welcomed shower.

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