Monday, June 15, 2009

Off to Crete!

Off to Crete!
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After an exhausting day in Athens, Jason and I are on board the Kriti
II, waiting to depart for Crete. It's a big boat, but we went the
cheap route and have just some plastic deck chairs as our beds
tonight. It's an adventure, right?

My cold's feeling a bit better- it's a nasty one, but I got some drugs
at a pharmacy that are helping.

Athens is kind of eh. The Acropolis is cool and grand and very
windy. I saw and sat in the theater of Dionysis - that's where the
great Greek plays would have been first performed, like Oedipus.
Freakin' awesome!

We got some scalped tickets to a concert at the Odeon last night.
Some Greek singer famous enough to sell out the 5000 seat theater.
The audience was almost all older Greek couples who clapped for
everything and sang along to all of the songs. Very NIGJ, as my
parents would say.

So, we're having fun, things are grand, and I'm only a little nervous
about a 14 hour boat ride in a plastic chair. :)

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