Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mean to Me

Last Thursday the superintendent sent out an email saying (and I paraphrase):

Due to the Winter Warning forecast, tomorrow might be a school closure as a result of snow.

Now, I appreciate his attempts to communicate. Really, it's nice when the administration lets us know what's going on.

However, this was just mean. If there is a snow day, we would know it when it was called. If there's not, you just have a lot of disappointed/upset students and teachers at school on Friday, wishing for what might have been.

The drama class play was Thursday night (it went well by the students' standards, not so hot by mine). I left the school at about 9:00. There wasn't any sign of snow other than that strange, oppressive warmth that comes before a storm here. It was brewing and it was going to be a doozy. All of the parents and students were buzzing about the possible snow day at the show, asking if anyone's heard anything yet.

As I drove away, I had a dilemma. If I drove all the way home that night, I knew it wouldn't be a snow day and I'd have a hellish commute in the morning. If I stayed at the condo as planned, it'd certainly be a snow day and I'd be stuck up there.

I got dinner at the Subway at the gas station, checking my phone constantly with the hope that they'd call it early. I went to the condo, thinking that if they called it before I was asleep, I could still throw everything back into the car and head down the mountain. I went to bed with no sign of snow and a silent phone.

At 5:30 in the morning, they called a snow day.

At 10:00 that morning, I braved the roads to make it home. It wasn't the worst drive I've done (Thanksgiving '08) - there were a few times when my brakes didn't stop my car from going forward, especially on the driveway down from the condo. Fortunately, I have no pride when it comes to driving - I was totally fine with being the slowest car on the road.

Once I got home, I worked out for an episode of Torchwood, then tackled the mountain of dishes in my kitchen. My dishwasher stopped working a few weeks ago, and I've been slowly working my way through all of my dishes since then. It took me three hours (and four more episodes of Torchwood), but I cleaned and dried every one of my dishes, plus a few loads of laundry, and made lemon squares for the baby shower.

Not the most exciting of snow days, but much needed. I got to spend Saturday hanging out with my family, feeling much less guilty about the state of my house.

I was going to vacuum Saturday morning, but Rachel called me up and said, "I'm going to go get a manicure/pedicure and I want you to come," so I did that instead. See?

(Also of interest - how much I love Emma Thompson in the Harry Potter movies and how much my cat (that dark blur behind my feet) loves the fireplace)

It was a nice weekend AND! we only have four days of school to get through this week before a very-much-needed spring break.

P.S. There's a 70% chance of snow on Tuesday this week. What are the odds of another snow day?

P.P.S. One of the bishopric wives at church today grabbed my arm and said, "I have a picture in my purse of who you look like! I'll go get it!" and ran off. She caught up with me again later and presented me a picture of Neve Campbell. "You're just like her! Your mannerisms, the way your eyes scrunch up when you smile, everything!"


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