Friday, June 11, 2010

A Trip to Tesco

The trip to Tesco last night was too much fun not to share. So, come with me on a photo journey of a Thai Wal-Mart!

First off, the item that caused me to finally whip out my camera:
A completely different set of advertising priorities at work!

Next, a trip down the snack aisle. I always enjoy seeing what different chip flavors there are in other countries...
Different Pringles

...but these sound really strange! Fruity Pringles?!
Blueberry Pringles?

Gum flavors can sound strange, too:
Gum Flavors

Now this aisle's contents might seem strange:
Monk Basket

But it's just referring to these:
Monk Buckets
which you can buy to donate to a monk in exchange for blessings.

You can also pick up some incense in bulk, since you're going to the wat anyway:

Nearby, in the beauty aisle, you'll notice that the main adjectival promise on all of the products is "Whitening"
Whitening Creams

But they do have some favorites from my childhood:

On to produce!

You've got your lychees and rambutans
Lychees and Rambutans

Whatever this fruit is...
What is this fruit?
(Rachel? Miranda? Do you know?)

And Mangosteens!

Which are also available in juice form:
Mangosteen Juice

There's some pre-packaged meals for your convenience,
Pre-Packaged Mysteries
but I'm not sure what those contents are.

More types of soy sauce than we have types of ketchup in America:
Soy Sauce!

Peanut Butter, for those with Western tastes:
Peanut Butter!

And more Pocky flavors than I've ever seen!
Wall of Pocky

Want something sweet for a treat?
Various Sweets

Or maybe something savory from this aisle:
Meat Snacks

That's where I found out what they do with the parts my parakeets didn't eat:

After seeing all of this, you may be surprised to hear that I didn't purchase any of those things. I did, however, buy one of these:
Waving Slicer
so I can try Thai cooking at home using a tool I got in Thailand.

I'll be going back to Tesco next Thursday, though, so if you want any of the things you see up above, place your orders now!


  1. Of course I recognize it! That's dragon fruit. They have a crazy black and white interior, but I think they aren't supposed to be that great. You're killing me with the mangosteens, by the way. We do have the juice here in the US. That's the only legal way to sell it here, but I haven't tried that either. The flesh is supposed to be part of the goodness.

  2. WillYum11:57 AM

    Thank you, thank you for the Tesco pics! As you know, I love to take pics/vids in foreign grocery stores. Love the monk pails. We used to eat dried cuttlefish in elementary school in Hawaii -- kinda like seafood jerky.

  3. Why don't we get Pringles flavors like that here?! Lame!!!

  4. One of my favorite posts. I had no idea what that fruit was...I would have told you to ask Rachel...and I would have been right. :)

  5. P.S. I just bought a slicer EXACTLY like that on the same day you did! Whoa. Weird.