Sunday, June 06, 2010


1. "Eee!" Jenna just squealed. "An ant just crawled into my computer's keyboard! What do I do?"

2. A pack of stray (I assume) dogs just wandered up to the front of the canteen. Another dog came out from behind the bar (had no idea there was a dog back there!) and confronted them. A lot of growling and barking ensued. The pack of dogs then left and the bar dog trotted triumphantly to lie down under the bench Jenna's sitting on. The bar dog growls at any dogs that come near the place, while Jenna keeps her legs tucked up on the bench to avoid being bitten.

3. We have discovered two geckos in our room. I have named them Burt and Ernie, in an effort to make the prospect of them dropping on my face at night less daunting.

4. Flocks of little brown birds are hopping everywhere, chattering madly about the above events.

5. Still no signs of other humans....

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