Friday, July 02, 2010

In Which I Say "Aww!"

One of my monk-students sent me a link to his blog today. He has a few pictures on it, including this one:


That's one of the stray cats here at the wat.

If you go to his blog, you'll also see a picture of three eggs in a green tea bottle. Apparently, his roommate found an egg in his bed one day. For three days in a row, one of the wat hens came into their cooti and laid an egg in his bed. Phra Bas tried to hatch the eggs himself first, but then built a nest for the hen. She started laying eggs there, and they slipped the three into the pile. So far, two of their eggs have hatched! He showed me a picture of an adorable yellow fluffy chick.

And again I say, "Aww!"

P.S. An explanation for the lack of photos:
Don't worry, I'm taking a lot. But the library computers are riddled with viruses, and I've heard tales of volunteers trying to upload photos and having their entire SD card wiped clean instead. I'll do some good photo posts when I get home, I promise.

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  1. We love your blog, Amanda! You've had such adventures!