Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Heights High

I'm alone at school today. While everyone else is off enjoying their summer break still, I've been trekking up the mountain to get started at work. My principal agreed that if I put in equivalent days to get ready, I don't have to deplete all of my personal leave days when I have to miss for the Cedar City thing. Huzzah! So here I am in my new room. With a door! Encore huzzah!

In addition to putting my room together, I need to figure out lesson plans for a substitute for the first three days of school and come up with a pretest for all of my classes so I can prove student improvement. Not an unreasonable request, but it's a bit tricky for drama and speech classes, especially if another person is administering the pretest.

Fortunately, Teresa sent me a link that gives me an excellent model for my classroom this year.

If you'll excuse me, I need to type up the learning objectives for Slap the Butcher now.

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